For the development
of the new brand of the Copobras group, it was decided to maintain the established colours of our brands:

Yellow represents:
dynamism, joviality,
warmth and happiness.
Blue represents:
technology, cleanliness,
calm and trust.

A 100% Brazilian company

The Copobras Group is a 100% Brazilian company with its doors open to the world. The new visual identity is the most visible side of this new moment experienced by the company.

After a cycle of investments and reorganisation, this is one more step towards recognition as a leading brand in the segments where the company is active and also gaining admiration from the market.


A fundamental concept of the group has also been established: that of being made up of transformation companies. In the literal sense, the Copobras Group transforms polymers into consumer products, which in turn get turned into more free time in people’s daily lives.

However, transformation is a lot more – the companies also transform the market with their leadership and innovation. They turn relationships into trust. They transform the very communities in which they are inserted. Indeed, the Group has been transforming companies in many ways, and it would therefore be necessary to have a symbol representing this concept.

a continuous circle of transformation, a process that never stops and which makes the company move towards its major goals. Being more attentive to detail, this circle with slightly different sides still represents several different phases within the production process, from the polymer, through the extrusion screw and the rolls of film, even representing a cup seen from above.

When united, the circles mingle and strengthen each other.

When brought together, the circles mix and strengthen each other. Together, they represent team spirit, the cohesion of shareholders and respect for differences.

João Pessoa - PB
Street P 11 Quadra 496 Lote 2267, 5
Distrito Industrial
João Pessoa
Phone: ++ 55 83 3041-8000
Fax: ++ 55 83 3041-8011

São Ludgero - SC
Street Padre Auling, 595
Bairro Industrial
São Ludgero
Phone: ++ 55 48 3657-3000
Fax: ++ 55 48 3657-3011

Marialva - PR
Rod. BR 376 KM 198, 50
Contorno Sul
Phone: ++ 55 44 3232-8000
Fax: ++ 55 44 3232-8080

Carmópolis - MG
Street Carlos Vicente Lara, 146
Carmópolis de Minas
Phone: ++ 55 37 3333-1770
Fax: ++ 55 37 3333-1771

Manaus - AM
Street João Monte Fusco, 1101
Santa Etelvina
Phone: ++ 55 92 2101-8600
Fax: ++ 55 92 2101-8600

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