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Products and Brands

The Copobras Group turns plastic into practical.

Know our products and brands.


A national leader in the disposable packaging segment, Copobras’ products are present in a plethora of situations within the daily activities of both individual people and companies, serving end consumers and also the industry, with an extensive range of plastic cups, plates, pots and lids, trays, tiffin boxes, discs, egg holders and hamburger packages, Copobras has a product mix that offers practical and complete solutions.Get to know the line of cups, plates, pots, trays and tiffin boxes that make your day simpler. 

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A reference in the flexible packaging market with over 40 years of experience, Incoplast provides services with excellence to the food industry – pasta, biscuits, cereals, sweets, snacks, dairy products and coffee -, hygiene and cleaning products, pharmaceuticals, meat products, drinks and pet food. Incoplast produces packages of premium quality, that protect, efficiently transport, and attract attention at the point of sale. 

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Innovation as a Purpose

Innovation is always present in the daily activities of the Copobras Group. This results from creative activities taken on by people together with well-structured and well-organised development processes.

This brings competitive advantages, encourages knowledge, adds value to products, and also brings a positive surprise to clients and consumers alike.

New ideas, improvements and changes are received by the Product Committee that has the responsibility of researching, developing, testing and applying those products that show feasibility.

Acting on two fronts, the Committee serves all the brands of the Copobras Group and also, apart from supplying new market demands with launches, seeks to improve the production processes of the clients, seeking more efficient and more economical formulas, testing raw materials from renewable sources, trying to be sustainable on three different spheres: economic, social and environmental.

Inovação como propósito
Inovação como propósito
Inovação como propósito

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