Personal Care

Baby wipes, toilet paper, paper towels and cosmetics.
Solder bottom accordion
side weld
Stand up Pouch
Pouch 3 welds
Technical film

We work with different types of substrates and there are several possibilities for combinations, depending on the need for the bottled product. We produce monolayer packaging with external printing, laminated and bilaminated with matte or gloss finish. Consult us to check the availability of structures versus models and accessories.


Substrates we work with:

PE pigmented or transparent

Pigmented or transparent NYLON PE coex

PE Gloss or Matte

Transparent or pigmented PP

Pearlized PP

BOPP matte or shine

Metallized BOPP

Pearly BOPP

Matte or gloss PET

Metallized PET


Straight mouth strap
Clown mouth handle
Handle hanger
Hole handle
Trait facilitator


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